Flying with MAF Tanzania

By flying with MAF Tanzania you are partnering with an organization who deeply values the people of Tanzania and a team who will do their utmost to provide a safe and memorable experience while impacting the isolated people of Tanzania. Our pilots are trained to the high standards of safety and performance required for the airstrips we fly into. Whether you are a missions group or a medical team, we can be the catalyst for getting you to the places you need to go.

Monthly Safaris

Much of the flying centres on medical and evangelistic ‘safaris’ where national and missionary staff are taken out to remote villages for several days at a time. These regular medical and evangelistic trips to remote communities around Haydom, Malambo, South Maasailand, Mbeya, and Kilimatinde enable people who are hard to reach receive medical help and to hear the Gospel. This has necessitated a network of bush airstrips, with more being sited to enable other areas to be reached.